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Greetings from Yemen Sports .com. Yemen Sports has been created by “Yemen System” enterprise. Yemen System role is to make Yemen renowned worldwide. The system consists of over 50 Yemeni websites. All aiming on different popular categories of Yemen culture.

Yemen Sports is an official professional sports news site for Yemen. All the Yemen athletes profiles are stored here; Abdul Bari Awad (kid-galahad), Ali Mohammed Al Nono, Gamal Yafai (The Beast), Isra Girgrah, Khalid Yafai (Kal), Naseem Hamed (Prince NAS), and many more…
Including all sport athletics like; boxing, soccer, gymnastics, wrestling, basketball, freerunning, football, cycling, powerlifting, sprint, diving, swimming, cricket etc


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Khalid Yafai Boxer (kal)


Gamal Yafai Boxing (The beast)


Abdul Bari Awad (kid-galahad)