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All 37 Videos Of Prince Naseem Hameds Boxing Matches

Prince Naseem Hameds Boxing Fights

All 37 Fights!


Hamed’s professional debut at his age of 18.
vs. Ricky Beard – from London,England
(Age 29 Fights 9 Won 2 Lost 6 Drawn 1)
Apr. 14 1992
loc. Mansfield, England,KO 2
The Prince steps onto the way whereof he was dreaming since he first entered to Brendan Ingle’s gym at his age of 7.

Press the foward button on the video to watch the next fight. Fight 6 is missing. Click here for fight 6 of 37.



Naseem Hamed vs Peter Buckley 6 of 37

Naseem Hamed vs Peter Buckley

6th Fight of 37


Rare footage.