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Welcome to Yemen Sports .com. Yemen Sports is a creation from “Yemen System” enterprise. Yemen System is about making Yemen known worldwide. Yemen System consists of over 50 Yemeni websites. All aiming on different popular categories.

We are available on all popular social media sites. You can join us (Yemen System) on YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google plus. Just click on the social icon of your choice on the top right hand corner of this page.

*Do you own a Yemeni themed website? If  so, then please E-mail Yemen Systems with your websites details at YemenSystem@yahoo.com we will be happy to place your websites content or backlinks in one of our 50 Yemeni websites where we find it suitable for your content. This is all free of charge. We also be happy if you can place our websites address on your websites too.

*Do you want your semi-pro profile to be displayed on this website? then contact Yemeni Sports .com by E-mail at YemenSystem@yahoo.com

Please provide your name, age, homeland, sport, statistics, photos, videos, weblinks and any details.

*Athletic trainers, promoters, sponsors, journalists, and community managers can contact Yemen Sports at YemenSystem@yahoo.com with your details and agenda. We can even create you your own page. Please see “contact us” for further details.

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*To contact the Yemen Olympic Committee, then see below.




Yemen Olympic Committee


Althawrah Sports City Complex
P.O. Box 2701


+967 1 325010


+967 1 332 205


Mr Abdulrahman ALAKWAA

Secretary General:

Mr Mohamed Abdullah AL-AHJRI

Recognition Date:

01 January 1981